Supplies needed for Class 080-A - Santa & Friends

Listed below are the items need in the conference special event. Some of these are more basic supplies and are not normally listed due to space limitations. Please bring what you already have on hand. We have listed the brush types and uses so that you can determine if you have brushes that can be used or need to order brushes. Items in Bold are offered for sale below. You may pre-order your items and they will be bagged and ready for you when you check in to class. We will have a limited supply of items for sale in the classroom. Pre ordering will save you shipping, taxes and will facilitate the prompt start of class instruction.

Sta-wet acrylic palette and acrylic paper & Regular Acrylic Dry Palette (Both are needed)
Water basin
Paper towels
Palette knife
Raised metal edge ruler (used when applying framing striping on pieces)
Grey graphite -The pattern will be on the Santa panel, however, you may work faster and may wish to work on the other pieces in class.
Ruling pen - This pen is used for applying framing striping. It will be demonstrated in class.
Cork Backed Ruler or Seam Guide

Brushes (30% Discount)
    Scharff Brush Series 155 - Syn-sable angular brushes -1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”
These brushes are used for some base coating and for the side loaded applications of paint throughout the project.
    Scharff Brush Series 429 -Syn-sable filberts - # 2 and #4 or #6    
    Scharff Brush Series 665 - Round mini mops - #2 , #4, #6, #8, #10
These brushes are used for pouncing in color and for softening color edges.
    Scharff Brush Series 3000 -Kolinsky - #4
This is the brush that Brenda uses for all fine line work, detail, strokes, and it can be used to base coat small areas. For the most part, Brenda uses one size, the #4 because that size will do multiple tasks. This is absolutely Brenda’s favorite brush. Smaller sizes are available on the web site.
    Scharff Brush Series 360 - #4    
This is a small bristle fan brush used for spattering.

Additional surfaces are also listed below.

If you would like to purchase additional items from our website to be included with your pre-order to save on shipping charges, please contact the office and I will send a separate invoice. If you order additional items online, the site will charge shipping at check out.


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