Looking for a DecoArt product that we no longer have in stock?

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Is Brenda Stewart by Design going out of business? Absolutely not! We have taken time to do some careful planning and revamping for the future. I cannot imagine retiring! Do I plan to continue to use Americana paints going forward? Yes!  

This difficult decision has been made solely due to the fact that DecoArt will be increasingly focused on direct marketing to users.They, like the rest of us, are responding to changes within our market and to the way conducting business in general is now being done. They are still providing the same excellent products they have always produced. DecoArt has been supportive of artists and retailers throughout our art form for many years. The company has been responsive to the many comments made in recent weeks regarding product discontinuations and are willing to listen and reconsider decisions. I hope we all will be open to listening, working with them, and perhaps doing business differently... resulting in a successful future for all of us.  


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We are changing all active tutorials to the larger 8 1/2" X 11" format.

All small format hard copy tutorials are now on sale. Same great content. 


Informative Videos

Masterson Palette 

Fine Line Work

Side Loading a brush

Ruling Pen

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