Harvest Time

Mark your calendar for a free watch party demo on August 27 at 7 PM EDT.  I will be showing you Harvest Time to kick off your fall painting. Done in pen and ink and color washes with a little shading, it is quick and fun! Go to the Artfully Connected group hosted by Cindy Harrison to let us know you are coming. Can't wait to chat with all of you during the demo. The tutorial also includes both the
design for a 5” X 12” panel and the less involved design of pumpkin and leaves on a 6 “ X 6” panel.

If you are going to paint the project, you will need to purchase the tutorial, available in hard copy and E-Tutorial. There are several 8 X 10 photos...one of just the inking, one of the color washes, and one of the finished 5” X 12” panel with shading and finishing touches. There is also a photo of the painting of the pumpkin and leaves done on the smaller panel. The tutorial, along with the surface and related supplies are available now to order. 

Don't delay in ordering if you are going to follow along with Brenda, there is basecoating and inking to be done prior to the free watch party.


Some Things to know for the Free Demo
Must Join the Group
After accepted - go to EVENTS tab - Find the Watch-Learn-Paint with Brenda and Click GOING
The night of the event you can go to your NOTIFICATION BELL on the bottom of your Facebook app or Go to Artfully Connected Group page and scroll down until you see Cindy's Post about the live event. 

E-Tutorial with listed supplies - Click Here

E-Tutorial only - Click Here

Hard Copy Tutorial - Click Here

Newly Released


Irish Eyes is painted first with values (grisaille in warm brown tones), and then glazed with color.

Flow Blue and Paperwhites is a single stem of paperwhite flowers in a small flow blue vase.
Irish Eyes

Flow Blue & Paperwhites Watercolor

Coming in October

So excited about participating in Cindy Harrison's Artful Webinar program. We will be painting my latest Santa design. There is a 30 minute student break and a Question & Answer period built into the 6 hour schedule. Lots of fun techniques, extra pieces and parts, and some additional videos are also included in the class. Hope you will join us! Can't wait!

I will be showing different ways that Santa can be use in your Christmas Decor . . . here he is shown on the center surface of a garland or swag. He can be hung with ribbon as a solo piece. A larger size will be given for use on one of our popular cradled panels. The Happy Christmas lettering is one of our new stencils . . . two sizes are included in the set.

Here the swag or garland is shown twined through greenery with Christmas candles. Wouldn’t that be a great way to decorate a mantel or table top? And of course, you can always use it as a swag or garland. The surfaces may be purchased in any number of combinations and three sizes of stars are available to lengthen the swag or table centerpiece.

Webinar Information: Click here for Artful Webinar Website

List of surfaces and suggested webinar supplies 

DecoArt Dimensional Effect Texture
Paste is now back in stock.

We are now stockng the DecoArt Premium Acrylic paints and Mediums

We are offering them at a reduced price for a limited time.

Retail $4.48  
 Our Price $3.50

Retail 4.48  
 Our Price $3.50

Click here or on the photo to purchase

Colored Pencil Seminar with Amy Lindenberger, CPSA, CPX

November 5, 6, 7, 2021
Two Projects

We are excited to welcome a new teacher, Amy Lindenberger, to our 2020 Colored Pencil Seminar Program. Amy teaches workshops on a variety of subject matter and colored pencil techniques. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the University of Akron, OH, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing. In 1990 she became a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) and in 2013 she was awarded Signature status by CPSA in colored pencil and mixed media works (CPX). She is a firm believer that colored pencil has brought her tremendous opportunity and artistic fulfillment.

I took a seminar from Amy in early 2019 and was impressed, not only with her work, but also with her teaching style and the amount of information that she shared. Amy shared background info about various types/brands of colored pencils, as well as her project planning swatch chart and techniques. I have asked her to share that information for our seminar as well. She also put us through some warmup techniques and practice exercises. The students in the class had varied colored pencil experience, and she was able to help each one at their level.

I requested that Amy do a portrait on a dark background and a small still life. I was looking for different types of paintings than those we have offered previously.... both in subject matter and style. The plan is to spend two days on the portrait (including warm up) and one day on the still life.

We hope you will join us in 2020 for our annual colored pencil seminar. I believe you will leave having added to your colored pencil knowledge and skills!

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. You may register online or complete the mail in Registration Form and mail it to Brenda Stewart, along with your deposit to secure your seat.

The seminars are held at the Best Western Historic.

Join us for a Seminar in 2021

Spring Still Life Seminar
April 8, 9, 10, 11, 2121
Watercolor Day: April 7. 2021

Seminar Information:
This is our annual still life seminar. The Pears and Pewter image shown above will be our primary project. Brenda hopes the teaching time will permit her to introduce another still life painting that includes a tall pitcher with a single pear and some grapes.

Many watercolor students have been requesting a companion piece for Carsanna’s Lily that we painted several years ago.  Brenda is now developing two smaller paintings that will be nice companions to the lily. 

Orientation begins at 1 PM on Thursday afternoon. Following the short orientation, you will prepare your seminar surfaces.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are spent painting the seminar projects. There is a full day of painting on Sunday. The classroom is open at 8 AM and class begins at 9 AM.

Christmas Extravaganza Seminar 
September 16, 17, 18, 19, 2021
Watercolor Day: September 15. 2021

Due to popular demand, Santa Claus is back for our fall seminar.  You won't want to miss this one!  We were not able to reserve a day for watercolor. However, if Brenda feels she and Barbara can prepare the Santa pieces, we will add a watercolor day on Thursday. If we are able to add a watercolor day, the painting will also be Christmas related.

Updates will follow on the status of the watercolor day.

To register online and read more about seminar accommodations and travel suggestions, click here for the Williamsburg Seminar Page.

All seminars are held at Best Western Historic.

New flight and ground transportation options

If possible, we suggest arriving the day prior to the first seminar day and scheduling departures for the day following the completion of the seminar. The last day of seminar includes a full day of instruction. 

The best airports to fly into are Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport - Patrick Henry Field (PHF) or Richmond International Airport (RIC). 

Because ground transportation costs from either the Williamsburg/Newport News and Richmond airports have escalated in recent years, we have been investigating lower cost options for our seminar students. Click on the link below to review the options we have found. The prices and information below was collected for general information and comparison. These prices may have changed.

Printable PDF Information Here

Informative Videos

Masterson Palette

Fine Line Work

Side Loading a brush

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