Brenda Stewart CDA/TDA

Brenda Stewart BFA, CDA, TDA works in acrylic, watercolor, oils/alkyds and has recently added colored pencils. She has been drawing and painting since the age of 7 and is best known for her contribution to the art form of Decorative Painting. For over 40 years she has shared her knowledge and techniques with decorative painters through the many classes and seminars that she has taught in the US and internationally. She enjoys nothing better than working with students and is currently teaching via Zoom and in-person seminars. She has produced a large body of published work including over 700 instructional tutorials and is also the author of 18 books and 4 DVD’s.

Brenda received the Certified Degree Artist award in 1979. She became a TDA with the inception of the program in 2000 and played an active part in the early ongoing development of the program. She has been an active member of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1975, and served on the board of directors for six years, as President in 1990-91. She was awarded the Silver Palette in 2006 and the Distinguished Service Award in 2011.

Brenda and Robert owned and operated a retail shop in Louisiana for 15 years. They currently operate an e-commerce website, and conduct and merchandise a series of seminars on Zoom and in Williamsburg, VA. Brenda also maintains an active travel seminar program. They exhibited at decorative painting shows throughout the US and Canada for many years, but no longer participate in shows.

In her free time, Brenda stays busy with church activities, her children, and grandchildren. She and Robert enjoy travel and antiquing.


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