Christmas Tour

It has been so much fun touring the homes of some of my friends on FB . . . . so I decided to post a little tour of our home as a Christmas greeting to all my FB friends. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and join me! Our
Christmas decorations are a collection of items woven into the existing decor and collected over many years. Many things have been gifts from family and friends and bring back special memories when I unpack them each year. You will see many painted pieces worked into the
vignettes . . . both mine and those done by others. If you enjoy the tour of this portion of our downstairs, please join us again for two more tours of different areas on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

My favorite gold leafed nativity rests on the foyer console. This vignette also includes my father’s small Bible opened to Luke 2 and a special cross ornament given to me by a dear friend. At our house, we celebrate the birth of Jesus as the true reason for the season.

Our foyer tree sits grandly nestled next to the stairway. After Robert gets the lights in order, Jackie and I start by stuffing it with two types of gold leaves and tucking some large gold instruments and angels back into the interior. We then swag it with yards and yards of silk knitting ribbon that segues from color to color with gold accents. Next comes gold
ornaments, leaves, and pine cones, that we tuck into the interior branches to catch the light. We then add the major ornaments that are Victorian reproductions given to me by my dear friend, Bev Marx, over a period of many years. Each one is special to us. Some of my favorites
follow the photo of the tree.




The powder room is off the foyer and it is also dressed up a bit for the season. There is an antique corner cabinet where I add Christmas touches to the pieces that reside there all year. Many of the painted pieces are mine, but there is also a little box and an egg painted by Pat, from North Carolina. Some small antique pitchers (I have a passion for antique china), linen and bits of lace, cherub soaps, a little tree, and
silver pears complete this piece.

Cherubs, silk ribbon, beaded fruit and garland are added to the antique silver and china pieces on the dining room sideboard. The deep chocolate red walls provide the perfect background to set off the Christmas


A small antique secretary is tucked into one corner of the living room. It contains some of my favorite Nippon pieces and a trio of treasured pieces painted by Mary Jo Leisure. More of the Victorian reproduction pieces, small red glass candles, and magnolia and berry sprays add
seasonal touches.

More cherubs, angels, and burgundy candles rest atop the living room mantle. They are anchored with magnolia and berry sprays, continuing the uniting living room theme.

The living room fireplace is surrounded by bookcases and cabinets. These are filled with flow blue and blue and red transfer ware, along with family photos, a few books and other collectibles. To carry out the living room theme, I add more of the red glass candle holders, and the magnolia and berry sprays. An old hour glass that belonged to my Mother is included in one grouping.


The vibrant reds in most of the downstairs areas of the house soften to a rose pink in the master bedroom. The cream, rose and blue green
harmony is echoed throughout the room, along with touches of gold and silver. Deep pink poinsettias and gold magnolia leaves are added in many areas. Some rest on the bed, a love seat, on top of the
entertainment center/bookshelves, and on an antique pie crust drop
table. One of my painted angel plates is surrounded by an antique china bowl and small silver baskets filled with glass ornaments.


A four foot angel tree rests on a pedestal by the side of the armoire. I cover the pedestal with a soft gold fabric, and then drape around it with an antique lace table cloth. I love the look of the scalloped edges of the cloth against the wood floors. An angel that I painted many years ago stands to the left of the tree.

IMAGE #12.
Glass baskets filled with gold beads and glass ornaments are placed in the vignettes on the bookshelves around the entertainment center. This vignette includes a portrait on porcelain that I did of one of my
granddaughters when she was small.

In this vignette, a small painted clock is anchored by two old silver pieces. The glass Christmas balls in silver the lower piece are so pretty reflected in the cup.