Printing E-Packets

Tips for printing your E-packets

The major benefits of purchasing e-packets are the savings of postage and time, and they can be delivered almost instantly. Wonderful if you are overseas or have to worry about customs. However, the end result will only be as good as the attention you put into printing it out.  While regular, inexpensive copy paper is good enough for emails, recipes and other text content, good images require a little bit more.

Purchase a good quality premium or Bright White paper for the brand of printer you have. [e.g. HP- HP Premium paper, Canon – Canon Paper] Matching the paper to your printer brand usually produces better results. It doesn’t have to be photo paper. Make sure you have enough ink in your cartridge before you start.  Learn how to print only the pages you want. Don’t just automatically hit print. Take a moment to look through each page on a print preview and decide if you need them all, then make your selection.

Printed pages are not usually waterproof so a little extra care is required here also. Use plastic sheet protectors. If your monitor is in your studio you may not need to print it out at all. Copyright applies to e-packets as much as printed works, so please respect the artist and don’t be tempted to share your e-packet.