Using a Stucco Writer

Remove the cap from the stucco filled bottle and replace with writer cap. Remove the red cap from the tip and while applying moderate pressure, twist the metal tip clockwise onto the lid.

The stucco has been thinned with distilled water. Shake the stucco toward the tip and test it on a paper towel or paper. If the stucco is still not thin enough, add just a few drops of distilled water to the bottle until it will flow from the tip.This may also be done if you do not use the stucco for a while and it thickens in the bottle. The stucco should be just thin enough to enable it to be applied with the metal writer tip, but not so thin that it will not hold it’s shape on the surface. When lining (writing) with the writer, hold the tip at a slight angle to the surface. Allow the stucco to dry and cure prior to proceeding with any additional steps on the project.

If the stucco stops flowing while you are working, remove the metal tip, clean thoroughly with water and the wire needle that comes with the tip. After cleaning, blow air through the tip and begin again. Sometimes there is a small burr inside the metal tip that will impede the flow of the stucco. Working the wire needle vigorously up and down in the tip will normally take care of a burr.

After the stucco application is complete, remove the metal tip and put the clean flat plastic cap back on the bottle of the thinned stucco. Fill the empty bottle with warm water and twist on the dirty liner top. Shake well and squeeze to clear the stucco from the top. Blow air through the point to dry it and store with the wire needle inserted into the tip. This will ensure that the tip will not dry clogged with stucco residue.