Afternoon Snack E-Tutorial
Afternoon Snack E-Tutorial

The inspiration for this painting came from a canvas I painted many years had a large basket of fruit with some apples, a cut apple, an old knife that was my Dad’s and a blue crock pitcher from Robert’s grandmother. It was all sitting on a Battenberg tablecloth that was my grandmothers’. Even though my techniques and painting have changed over the years, that painting still hangs in my home today. Just call me sentimental!  The idea to use the knife and paint some cut apples again had been niggling around in my brain for a while. Then I was in the market one day and saw some of the most gorgeous apples ever! That cinched it. I purchased some of the apples and started setting up this painting. Sadly my grandmothers table cloth was so fragile that it was discarded years back, and Robert broke his grandmother’s crock!

My painting was done mostly with Americana Paints. I did use the Premier acrylics for stages 2 and 3 on the apple skins. These gave a richer, more intensity color in these areas.

Tutorial includes 11 pages of instructions, 2 pattern pages, 1 Color swatch/conversion sheet for Americana Acrylics - Premier Acrylics - Oil/Alkyds and 5 pages of color photos.


Price: $16.00

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