Happy Christmas Santa Video Enhanced E-Tutorial
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Happy Christmas Santa Video Enhanced E-Tutorial

Happy Christmas Santa is the second in a new series of Video Enhanced Tutorials.

These are not full video classes, but are far more than a tutorial. There are three videos included with the Happy Christmas Santa E-tutorial. Brenda demonstrates the prep work, the stenciling, and how the different stars are painted. These videos were done for the webinar with Artful Connections, so if she mentions the class, that is what she is referring to. There is no live class associated with the purchase of the E-tutorial. The accompanying instructions and photographs complete the lesson experience.

Tutorial includes 8 pages of instructions, 3 page of patterns, 6 pages of 8 X 10 color photos pages which is sent to you in E-tutorial format.

Video Units include prep, applying the stencil and how Brenda completed the stars, plus several basic instruction videos are included.

Painted in DecoArt American Acrylics

Price: $13.50

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