Welcome Spring Webinar
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Welcome Spring Webinar

Surfaces, punchinello, and other supplies used in the Welcome Spring Artful Webinars Zoom Class.

Zoom Class  August 21, 2021 -  11AM -3:30PM (EST)

Complete printable list of Supplies, Paints and Brushes (Downloadable PDF File)

Sta-wet palettes and other general supplies may be found in the General Supplies shop category of the web site. (Clickable link)

Brushes may be found in the brushes shop category of the web site.  (Clickable link)

DecoArt Paints and Medium (Clickable Link)

**NOTE: The punchinello is listed in two different sizes, you do not need both sizes for the project. You can get the 18" and cut it in half, if you are using the 7" X 9" surface. Brenda used two pieces at once in the prep video, but you can use one piece and move it around. If you are using a different surface, order according to your size. We have just listed both sizes for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office before placing your order.