We have found that there is often some confusion about e-packets (Electronic packets). These packets are delivered to the customers through the internet. They are not hard copy packets and are not shipped. Many customers order e-packets in order to save on shipping costs. If you are ordering other items that must be shipped, you might wish to order hard copy packets to be included in your shipped order.

When you order an e-packet, you will receive an order receipt. The link to download your e-packets is included on that receipt. You then have three days to download your e-packet. All e-packets also come in hard copy form. Be certain you are clicking on the correct version of the packet you wish to order. In order to print an e-packet you will need a color printer and photo paper. You may also download and open the images on your computer and paint from that reference. There are detailed hints regarding printing e-packets on the Tips and More section of the web site. If you have any questions regarding ordering and printing an e-packet, please feel free to contact us.

Please print out or copy the PDF to a Flash or External drive as we are not obligated to replace them in the event of a computer crash or any other type of loss or file corruption.

Additional photos, if available, may be viewed on the item detail page.

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