Recipe for a Still Life

Recipe for a Still Life
Apples, shiny and bright
A container, (pitchers optional)
Piece of linen
Knife for cut apple
Directions: Arrange in various ways for a pleasing composition and then photograph from different angles and with different lighting.

Join us this March 8, 9, 10, 11 (optional watercolor day on March 7) for our annual spring seminar. Learn the thought process behind the choice of objects, the initial set up and composition, the lighting and shadows, and the color theory used when developing the painting. The seminar this year will alternate painting time with short discussions on these topics and Brenda will share a selection of her reference shots used in making her decisions.

In our still life seminars, students are encouraged to paint in different mediums . . . Americana Acrylics, Americana Premium acrylics, oils, or alkyds. Some base coat with acrylic and then glaze in oils or alkyds.

There are seats available in the seminar. Complete information can be found on our web site. We hope you will consider broadening your painting experience and knowledge by attending this very informative seminar.